Middle School Incharge

Bro. Justin


There’s no profession on earth that can beat the teaching profession to become the top. It’s a divine profession and that’s the reason teacher is called “guru”. How happy are we to embrace this profession. It’s here in the school “the temple of learning “we partake in Creator God’s loving work. While Creator God makes human being, we try in our own little ways to make them to become human. It’s here in the school, a temple of learning, we make child to grow holistically. Child grows physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. It’s here child learns authentically moral and ethical values. There’s so much of explosion of knowledge, but it’s here child learns to choose good and bad. When we look at the competition in the world, it’s here child learns to live in this world with human qualities of caring and sharing. As the little children come to school with tears in the eyes or with the big face or with the sad face, dear parents and teachers let us remember that we are just the instruments in the hands of God through who God will make these little ones big.