Bro. Shine Alex

Education is an enabling and empowering service, rendered to humanity, for the transformation of an enlightened, just and fraternal community of the children of God. The mission of Education continuously evolves with a new energy for change with renewed understanding of theUniversality of a Person, Passion and Professionalism. There is a need to create an integrated education environment where everyone is valued and respected by promoting personal freedom, individual interests, talents and skills of everyone. Genuine empathy, interpersonal relationship, interactive and a participatory process is to be encouraged in our schools.broshine-1

The “way” students learn should be given importance than “what” they learn. The concept of “Teach Less and Learn More” is to be implemented enabling a shift from teacher centred approach to child friendly approach in the teaching and learning process. Best interest of the child is to be promoted and child rights to be protected in our educational institutions, inculcating in the students a sense of responsibility and duty. An appropriate learning atmosphere is to be created considering various learning styles, thinking skills, sensory modalities, physical needs, social groupings, pleasant environment and attitudes of students. A pragmatic approach in teaching, learning and evaluation process is to be adapted, enabling a continuous and formative assessment, consisting of activities,discussions,teamwork, field visits, projects, practical’s etc..leading to a joyful learning by doing.broshine

Create an excellent educational environment of affection, trust, respect, order and freedom by encouraging all that is good. Value Education should become a compulsory subject highlighting the importance of character formation, integrity, honestyand duty to the nation, life-skills development and personal excellence. All the schools should have a professional counsellor providing guidance and counselling to students, teachers and parents in need enabling emotional well being of all.A spiritual ambiance is to be created in the campus by promoting universally accepted values of all religions, cultures, displaying symbols and quotes taken from various religious books and saints.

The role of teachers in the classroom is to be redefined as the teacher is no longer the main source of knowledge in this era of information technology and knowledge explosion.Creative thinking of the teachers, their originality and freedom is to be appreciated in teaching rather than strictly confining to the content of the text books. An intensive training programme for teachers for a month should become a priority of priorities to make them competent to teach the new generation of students and to impart excellent quality education in the 21st century. “Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible.” Teachers should be enabled to render their service with professionalism,expertise, confidence, trust and security.

Schools should develop strong alliance with collaborators, parents, alumni, teachers and academicians through dialogue to make education mission a shared and living mission. Parents and the family should become an important part of our educational process beyond homework.Our institutions should become a resource centre where parents learn parenting.Parents have to be made partners in decisions that affect children and families.

Every school should have an Eco-Club, distribute a plant to all students on their birthdays and educare for the community of life. Human Rights and Peace Education has to become mandatory in schools.

Educational technological advancements, innovations, creativity, media and popular social networks are to be used to the optimum level as far as possible for improving and communicating the effectiveness of our education mission. Best practices and successful endeavours in our schools to be shared for the common good of all.