Montfortian Aims

Aims, Objectives& Characteristics of Montfortian Education

The aim of MontfortianEducation is to prepare the student for life forming them to be men and women of competence ,conscience and compassion who would be committed to the service of their fellow brothers and sisters .Following the example of Montfort who had’ God Alone’ as his motto ,he/she ,as an individual and as a member of society ,must be helped to develop qualities of the mind ,the heart ,as well as the necessary skills and attitudes which enable him/her to be integrated person who will be a concerned and a contributing member of the society and of the nation .A system of education to this end can be broadly identified to consist of the following characteristics :

      • God Oriented
      • Person Oriented
      • Social or other -related
      • Professional or Work Oriented
      • Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood and International Understanding

A. God oriented

Implies development of spiritual dimensions of human existence.
Making students to realize that service to humanity is to service to God.

B. Person Oriented:

Implies development of spiritual dimensions of human existence.
The development of habits of self-study, so as to become an independent learner, who is self-reliant, optimistic and resourceful.
The development of personal values leading to the growth of personal integrity and the courage to stand for his / her convictions on genuinely human concerns, in word and action.
Helping our students to develop a positive self-esteem, which becomes basis for interpersonal relationship.
C. Social other-related: The Student Develops

An attitude of care and concern leading to share with others, especially the needy and
A healthy and warm relationship with others beyond his / her kith or kin, breaking the narrow walls of prejudice based on caste, religion, language etc.
Condemns violence in every form and promotes peace and harmony.
Respects for members of the opposite sex and accepting them as equals.
A strong sense of duty and accountability, both personal and social being not over concerned with one’s own rights and privileges.
D. Professional or Work Oriented

The students sees and accepts work,whether manual or intellectual,as a means for personal development and growth.
He/She willingly shares in the chores at home and the service –oriented programmes in the school or elsewhere with a sense of dignity of labour.
Gets high standard of achievement improving his/her performances and pursuing excellence.
Realize his/her responsibilities to contribute to development of the human society by his/her professional endeavors.
The student develops a scientific temper and an analytical approach to issues and problems of society and learns to work in co-operation with others.
E. National or Citizen Related

Respects the right and privileges of other citizens carefully avoiding any sort of exploitation.
Develops civic sense and learns to be law-abiding citizen.
Learns to appreciate the cultural heritage of the country and develops a sense of belonging and feeling a sense of pride in being and Indian first and stands above narrow,religious, linguistic or regional differences, thus promoting national and emotional integration with a sense of commitment to nation building.
F. International understanding and universal brotherhood and sisterhood

He /She becomes aware of the universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of men and women and appreciates the rich and growing heritage of the human person in terms of scientific knowledge and technology ,promoting the common welfare of humanity.
He/She develops a human attitude of acceptance of the others as his/her brothers and sisters within the human family.
Strives for international peace and understanding and contributes his/her share in the building up of the human community.
G. Preferential option for poor

Our educational services are for the benefit of all, irrespective of religion, race, community, caste, language or social status with preferential option to the poor. However in view of the society’s special responsibility to the Christian Minority, the Catholics who seek admission ,at admission time to classes where bulk admissions are made ,are to be admitted .In other classes too preference will be given to them.

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